Prayer for the upcoming General chapter

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God the Father of mercies, first of all we want to thank you for the love
you have showed upon us in the journey of this 425
Year history of our religious family of the Discalced Augustinians (1592-2017)

You have been always close to us, you have heard our sighs,
You guided us in our wavering (Cfr. Conf. 6,5,8),
You have kept us faithful to our consecration and to the Church.

Now we beseech you to continue to watch over each one of us,
as the whole Order is strongly challenged, like every ecclesial and social reality,
by new and insidious challenges
which aim to corrode from within the consecrated life.

Renew the Augustinian freshness
of the authenticity and prophesy of the origins,
with the person of Jesus in the center, poor, chaste, obedient, humble
and the Church as a mother who generates the monasteries,
and with Mary, the first Consecrated, the Mother who feeds with delicate affections
the heart and makes the community a family.

In a special way, bless the brothers, called to participate in the 78th General Chapter
Enlighten them, unite them, encourage them,
for them to be able to go on with wise discernment and take
courageous decisions to relaunch a genuine revitalization
of our consecrated life and of our Augustinian mission
according to the spirit of the reform.

The revision of the constitutions and the Directory, on which they will have to work on,
the six – year program to be drawn up,
the new Prior General and his Definitory to be elected,
to be in full harmony with your plan for us and with the invitation of the Church.

We ask this through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Consolation,
of Saint Joseph the patron of the Order,
of Saint Augustine our Father and of our Venerable Confreres. Amen.

March 2, 2017